Twin Cam restoration projects

Jaguar SS100 - Full restoration

Full restoration of a Jaguar SS100 - more details soon!

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Aston Martin DB5 Convertible - RHD to LHD conversion

Converting an Aston Martin DB5 Convertible from RHD to LHD, in such a way that no-one can see that it has been converted? Our workshop can do that!

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Lancia Flaminia Sport 3C 2.8 by Zagato - Conservative recommissioning

With only 33 examples built, the Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato 3C 2.8 by Zagato is an absolute rarity. So when we found the most authentic one in the world, we knew there was only one option!

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MGA 1500 ex-Mille Miglia

In 1957, this MGA 1500 drove the legendary Mille Miglia. An earlier restoration turned it from its original Glacier Blue to Black. We are now bringing it back to the exact specifications it had when driving the thousand miles from Brescia to Rome and back.

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Aston Martin DB2/4 MkI and MkIII - Full restoration

Some British cars are so rare in left hand drive that it's virtually impossible to find certain specific LHD spare parts. So what do you do when you want to do a full nut and bolt restoration of a LHD Aston Martin DB2/4? You make your own parts!

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Alfa Romeo 1900C SS - Full restoration

This Alfa Romeo was delivered new in Belgium, with a beautiful black coachwork. We found it back in France, in a two-tone red and silver colour combination. Our partners in Italy are bringing this car with a fascinating Belgian history back to its original specifications.

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A trio of early E-Types

Remember the early 3.8 litre E-Type Coupé that had spent countless years in the Californian desert? We are now treating it to a full restoration for its new owner. In the meantime, it has received the company of two even older and even rarer E-Types, both built in 1961: a "Flat Floor" Roadster, and – save the best for last – one of the first 500 E-Types produced, an "Outside Bonnet Lock" Roadster!

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Parisotto 750 - Mille Miglia preparation

Sixty-five years after its first participation in the Mille Miglia, we have prepared this Parisotto for the 2017 edition. Restored back to its original specifications, the focus is of course on enabling our customer to drive the 1600 kilometers successfully!

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Aston Martin DB4 GT - Carburetor tuning

An Aston Martin DB4 GT should roar like a lion, not cough like an old man. Our skilled mechanics have ample experience with high-performance engines, and know how to handle complex twin-choke Weber carburetors.

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Bentley S1 Continental DHC - Full restoration

A rare and prestigious car deserves a restoration to the highest standards. This fifties Bentley has been treated to a full nut and bolt restoration in our workshop.

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Salmson S4E Splendilux by Esclassan - Conservative restoration

When a car is still totally original, a conservative restoration is the best way forward to bring it back to its former glory. The end result is a charminlgy patinated car that would fit perfectly in the Preservation Class of a major concours.

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