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Make: Porsche
Type: 356 B T6 Coupé 1600S
Year: 1962
Price: € 0

"If you have enough power in a small car it is nicer to drive than if you have a big car which is also overpowered. And it is more fun."

These are not our words, but those of Ferry Porsche speaking about the development of the Porsche 356. When driving this wonderfully restored 356 B T6, we fully understand what he means: with excellent engineering skills, even a modest 1600cc boxer engine can turn a four-seater coupé into a genuine sports car.

While the basic design of the 356 has remained the same during the entire production period, each evolution has brought functional improvements rather than superficial styling changes. Today, the Porsche 356 is highly coveted by enthusiasts worldwide – not just for its design, but also for its reliability and sporting performance.

This 356 B T6 Coupé with chassis number 119242 was sold new in the USA, with the more powerful 75hp 1600S engine. It has undergone a full restoration of a very high level and with the utmost respect for authenticity. During this restoration, the car's original engine #701426 has been replaced with a correct 1600S engine of the same year, with engine number 702178. Luckily, the original engine has been preserved and it is still with the car. But let's be honest: would you rather have a worn engine with matching numbers, or a correct engine that runs like a sewing machine and revs very eagerly? Exactly.

This car presents exceedingly well. Not only is #701 Black its original colour, the excellent paint job performed during the restoration is an absolute delight to the eye. And did we already mention that it's tremendous fun to drive?

A Porsche 356 B that you can blindly trust, at an attractive price.

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